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The Ardalhemma Group Companies for Plastic Goods Production & General Trade Company Ltd. Headquartered in Kirkuk – IRAQ.


The Ardalhemma Group Companies for Plastic Goods Production & General Trade Company Ltd. Headquartered in Kirkuk – IRAQ.
Since being founded in 2004, and through the past years Ardalhemma has become far more than a traditional-style Trading name, The success of the company is based on a few but crucial strategies, Confined in specialized knowledge in the field of packaging and based on studying the local demand and the consumer market through conducting a specialized statistical survey according to the geographical location of the project, accurate calculation of the project feasibility and the current commercial situation through high efforts by experts, staffs and with continuous technical support service by the skills of passionate work staff, we have succeeded in gaining the trust of our customers.
The most important principles beside the commercial aspect is, to develop the industry in Iraq, produce high quality goods according to the latest international standards and providing job opportunities for young people, and through this we contribute to raise the living standards of our valued people and contribute saving of hard currency instead of importing from abroad.
Ardalhemma Factory for plastic goods production
The Company was established in the northern industrial zone of Kirkuk city and located in Daraman, on a land area of 15.000 square meters, thereof 4.500 square meters are production halls and warehouse.
Thank God the quality of our products with pride and honor matches the latest European and the neighbor countries products.
All our products are suitable for the preservation of food and beverage according to the international standard of Food Safety Association (FSA). 
Our products are manufactured from original virgin(non-recycled) polymers from solid international well known manufacturers such as DOW, SABIC, PETKIM and OKTAL.
Our factory specializes in production of various kinds and colors of closures and handles for  (5 -10 - 17 Liter) water bottles, additionally we produce transparent (PET) plastic containers for example Honey, molasses, sesame paste, pickles etc ..) and bottles for sherbet & shinina with different  weights, shapes, sizes and colors and additionally we produce a special food containers (which resists the heat of microwave ovens and at the same time the freezing chilliness, lately we added a new product, it is the 5 gallon bottle cap, with foam sealing  and label for multi-use bottles according to the international standarts and requirements of our customers.
Also for the first time in Kirkuk, we started producing 1.6 – 1.7 liter printed buckets, with IML system by using modern high precision Swiss made Machines from (Netstal) and Canadian injection molds from (Husky). 
These plastic products are produced with high quality and precision, according to the requirements of our customers and the Iraqi market. 
Our products are under continuous periodic inspection, starting from the raw materials and to the packing stage, with registering of the BATCH NO. and date for reference when needed, 
And soon, God willing, we will get the International Quality Certificate (ISO).
Our products:
• 5 Gallon flat closure for automatic filling machines (color on demand)
• 5 Gallon flat closure for manuel filling machines (color on demand)
• 5 Gallon concave closure (color on demand)
• 5 Gallon concave closure with label (color on demand)
• 5 Gallon concave closure with label & extra foam seal (color on demand)
• 5 Gallon Handle (color on demand)
• 500 gr. Food cans with an airtight lid which resists the heat of microwave ovens (+110) as          well the freezing chilliness untill(-20)
• Joice, Shinina or water bottles, orifice 28mm, 30mm, 38mm and 48mm (color, shape and size as requested)
• PET transparent plastic containers (for food keeping such as honey, molasses, sesame paste, pickles etc ..) in various weights, shapes, sizes and colors, according to the requirements of our customers.
• We have, for example, containers of 200 / 230 / 260 / 400 / 500 / 600 / 800 / 900 / 1000 / 1,500 / 2,000 ml. and we have more.
Our commercial business fields:
All types of industrial adhesives (glue) for labels, cartons, straw etc.  from Henkel German company. (our company is the exclusive agent for these products)
Diverse Aluminum Foil Rolls (Water Cups Coverage) printed with high precision (Rotogravure system)
PET sheet rolls (transparent section of the water cup) from Turkish or Iraqi companies in different dimensions. (on request)
High quality bottle Preforms (0,33 / 0,5 / 1 / 1,5 / 5 / 10 / 15 / 17 and 19 liters) in various wight, neck size & colors.
All types and colors of caps, closures and handles.
All label types (Sticker / Sleeve / OPP) printed with high-precision (Rotogravure) system.
All kinds of carton boxes and separators.
All kinds of adhesive carton tapes for manual and machine use.
Carton sealing Machines, excellent quality, in European specifications.
Stretch nylon for pallet wrapping, in various elasticities 150%, 250%, 300%. (on request)
High quality pallet wrapping machines, in European specifications.
Shrink nylon according to the required specifications, clear or printed. (on request)
Water purification, desalination and sterilization stations. (on request)
Dry or conventional compressor complete systems. (on request)
Water cooling systems (chiller)machines according to the required energy and efficiency.
Automatic thermoforming, packaging and sealing machines (to produce water cups or any other materials as required)
Blow Molding machines and blow molds.
Cleaning, rinsing and pasteurizing machines.
Filling and cap sealing machines.
Aseptic packaging machines.
Diverse labeling machines, sleeve dressing machines, and thermal tunnels.
Diverse expiry date printing machine
Various types of conventional conveyors and air conveyors (on request)
Shrink machines.
Production packing robots (carton erecting, packing and sealing, upon request).
Palletizing and de palletizing machines.
Mold Injection machines & their molds.
Diverse robots for IML in mold labeling machines.
Our business partners:
Betapak company to produce automatic thermoforming, packing and sealing machines.
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Yılpar Ambalaj


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